The Best Places to visit in Belgium

1. Brussels

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With its rich history, lush landscape, Epicurean charm and bountiful collection of beers, Brussels is a travellers' dream. Its nearest capital cities, Amsterdam and Paris, are both less than two hours away, while Brussels is within 90 minutes from the Belgium cities of Bruges, Lige and Namur. Brussels is a smaller city than its sister cities, so walking and cycling are great options for transportation. In addition to walking and cycling, there is a great public train system that can take you wherever you want to get around the city.

Skip the skinny jeans when you visit Brussels because it's a city full of Epicurean offerings. Spend your day biking or walking from fritters (restaurants dedicated only to french fries!) to Belgian chocolate shops and some of the local Trappist beers (beer made by monks) at La Porte Noir or Moeder Lambique and some in Brussels at Chez Lyon Enjoy Muslims. However, despite all the delicious delights in Brussels, the food that reigns supreme is the waffles.

The Brussels waffle, known to Americans as the "Belgium waffle", is best eaten at Maison Dandoy. This restaurant, entirely dedicated to waffles, makes a variety of sugary selections, including chocolate waffles, strawberry waffles, and waffles with whipped cream. To continue your adventure through Candy Land, visit Laurent Gerbaud Chocolatier for bespoke, handmade chocolates.

2. Antwerp

Antwerp is known for its vast port, important to worldwide trade, and for being the home of the Baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens. But Belgium's second largest city has much more to offer.

This charming fashion metropolis has a population of around 500,000 and will warmly welcome you! Cool clubs and bars, a fine dining scene and numerous art venues attract all kinds of open-minded people.

Becoming Designer is one of many fashion schools that hold shows throughout the year, which are always inspiring events. There is much to see in the Diamond District and 80% of the world's diamonds are traded here.

Near the Diamond District is Antwerp Central, a beautiful old train station with lots of bars. Grab one of the many great tasting Belgian beers and Belgian waffles at the Groote Market for dessert, take a historic boat tour on the Scheldt River or visit Antwerp's historic Brewery De Koninck – you won't get bored!

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