Best place to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Transformed into one of the most popular weekend destinations in the Balkans, Mostar will surely leave an impression like you have never visited any other place. The city is highlighted by the UNESCO World Heritage Old City and Old Bridge.

The old bridge doesn't ring the bell? You might know it as the "Stary Most," the iconic bridge of iconic Balkan Islamic architecture, as it spans the Nereva River. The "Bridge Keepers", or the two fortified towers that protect it (Halebija Tower to the northeast and Tara Tower to the southwest), are also worth a visit and a climb.

Once you've photographed everything from street art to a Bruce Lee statue on the Old Bridge, you'll find so many beautiful and quirky things to do that will make you fall in love with Mostar. While still housing some reminders of the Bosnian War, there are plenty of places that will leave you deeply struck by their stories. Sniper Tower is one of those places. Used for snipers to find their targets down easily, it's now decorated with street art and open for you to search.

You can easily walk around and enjoy the historic Austro-Hungarian architecture for hours, sit and swim by the river or even take a bridge jump training.

When the sun sets, the crowd of tourists will disperse and the city will be lit up. When it's time for dinner, choose from countless restaurants with beautiful river views, traditional live music and local cuisine. Plus, Mostar is great on a budget; Just one more reason why you should take the time to visit this amazing melting pot.

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